The Artist

Ana Mendes

Ana Mendes is a multifaceted artist who discovered in artistic expression a journey of personal transformation. Her background in Nursing paved the way for a profound realization: art as therapy. What started as a hobby to escape routine became the epicenter of her life.


Ana Arte Decor

With the brand, Ana translates her identity and commitment to sustainability into stunning works of art. Her creative process is a celebration of reusing discarded materials. Coffee capsules, glass, fruit nets - everyday elements take center stage in her works. The symbolism behind recycled coffee capsule flowers and petals, the luminosity of shattered glass, and the mixture of techniques like acrylic and epoxy resin reveal not just a talented artist but a voice committed to preserving the planet.


Biojoias By Ana Mendes

The emergence of in 2022 is a natural extension of this commitment to sustainability. Inspired since childhood by the love for nature instilled by her father, Ana perpetuates this legacy in unique bio-jewelry. Each piece is the result of a meticulous process that preserves the original beauty of natural flowers, combining them with biorganic resin. This artisanal care and the inclusion of flowers sown by herself give the bio-jewelry genuine authenticity.


The Message

Ana Mendes, through her creations, not only captivates visually but also inspires a dialogue about the importance of sustainability, showing that art is not separate from a commitment to the environment. Her passion and dedication shine through in each piece, making her art not just aesthetically enchanting but also laden with meaning and purpose.